Ok let’s start with why maintenance matters. When you decide to have maintenance performed on your air conditioner you are under the assumption that the HVAC contract company will do and perform all that is required to get your system up to manufacture specifications and to keep your system in good operating standards. By industry standards, maintenance is a broad term.

When you decide to sign a maintenance agreement with a company, look at what the agreement says. Does the plan include, coil cleaning, drain line cleaning, algae tabs, filters etc.…? What is maintenance is and how it should be perform?

For example, two neighbors can have maintenance being done from 2 separate companies. While let’s assume the HVAC companies 1 and 2 arrive at the same time at both neighbor’s home. company 1 is finished in 20 minutes while company 2 around 35 minutes. At Bullard’s HVAC Services standards go way beyond the common HVAC Company standards. We clean both evaporator and condenser coils, check your system, provide filters if needed, l clean drain line, check your Thermostat, offer if need discounted parts and much more.

Our maintenance plan is only one plan no levels, it’s having your AC cleaned and check from A To Z. While performing maintenance we do everything that is required. While performing maintenance sometimes we noticed that the blower motor fan housing is extremely dirty, and with the additional time and extra labor cleaning this component. There is an extra charge. This is a component this will need to be removed to clean the proper way.

Maintenance matters because if done right, your company of choice should be able to detect small problems before they become major problems. As part like a capacitor or a contactor (which most systems used) we can check those items and if they’re low they’re we make you aware and explain their functions so you can make a decision.

Just like changing the oil in your car, having your car wash, going to a sauna, or having your teeth clean, your AC system needs love to.

These components run at all times, when you’re working, sleeping, having a party or having a spa day.  If you’re in need of a maintenance plan, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Thank you for reading and have safe holidays.

From the Bullard’s Team.

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