Florida Summer Heat

It is a belief that your Air Conditioner during the summer, can cool as low as 60, 63 or 68 degrees. That is not entirely true as homes design in Florida are design for a 15-to-20-degree difference between the outside and inside temperature of your home. Newer homes built with more energy efficient materials, like better windows, and more insulation with higher R values, tighter buildings etc… some can achieve as low as 68 degrees in this August heat.

Your A/C is a dehumidifier. It is design to remove moisture. So, your system will run almost constantly if set at those lower numbers listed, while during the summer months to try to maintain your comfort level. Some systems will freeze up because it just can’t keep up with the demand. Therefore, it is recommended to set you thermostat to 75 to 78 degrees to reduce the run time on your Air Conditioning system.

This being said, your home Air Conditioning System must be charge to the right specs with refrigerant, have the right filter (merv rating), the blower speed set to the appropriate speed, static pressures checked, and the system cleaned regularly, meaning Maintenance performed 2 time per year. When all these items are check out and combine with the right conditions you will save money in energy cost and be comfortable even at 78 degrees. Why??? This is because your A/C is actually performing at maximum ability. I have many customers that says it feel very cold at 77 degrees.

Have a great summer as it’s never over in Florida.


Thank you for reading.

Graydon Bullard

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We always recommend maintenance to our customers because it is important .

When it comes to your A/C, the age of your unit does not matter.

Whether it is  6 months, 2 years, 5 years, or older all systems need to be maintained.

Check out our maintenance plans – MAINTENANCE PLANS 

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