In 2019 Governor DeSantis announced $1.75 million to expand apprenticeship programs. It is because of programs like this that we were able to start our business….

“Graydon Bullard graduated from Tri-County Apprenticeship Academy in May 2018 to start his own HVAC company.

Bullard believes apprenticeship programs balance mastering the practice and learning the basics.”

“You have that foundation. And after that foundation, you can now apply what you’ve learned in class, in the field. And you’re just going to see yourself excelling beyond means,” Bullard said.

“Being my own business owner is good for me. Since I’ve opened, I mean I have so [many] customers, it’s all word of mouth. It’s pretty much coming out real, real good for me,” Bullard said.


You can read whole st0ry and video at  Fox 4  – Apprentice Expansion Grants


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